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Our Services

Our talented team provides a vast array of services. We are well versed in custom design, jewelry restoration, stone setting, and more. With the latest materials, resources and equipment we can accomplish most anything jewelry related

"I recently lost my wedding band and engagement ring.....and upon finding them, they had been run over by a car. Luckily the diamonds were still in tact, but otherwise the rings were a bent, scratched, and twisted mess. Needless to say, I was an emotional wreck when I went in the store. Jill assured me she could fix the rings.....and she did! They were soldered together on the bottom, and she went so far as to take them apart and fix the band while I waited, so I wouldn't be totally without a ring during the time it took to repair the other one. When I went back to pick up the repaired engagement ring and have them soldered back together, they looked better than they did before the car ran over them! I sing praises to Jill, who is a master craftsman, as well as a sweet and caring lady. I will never take my jewelry anywhere else. Thank you Jill for everything!"

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We work in 14K and 18K gold, and platinum. There are three main design processes we use; fabrication, assembly, or computer aided design (CAD).


Jeweler’s Services, Inc. provides comprehensive fine jewelry repair. We excel in the completion of difficult and complex projects. Because most of our services are performed on our premises, we can guarantee the security of your jewelry.


Rings of gold, platinum, and silver can be sized up or down. Our talented jewelers are skilled in solving other tricky ring sizing issues.


The hi-tech laser welder affords us the ability to complete many jobs that would otherwise be impossible, too risky, or cost prohibitive.


Our skilled bead stringers are able to restring broken strands of beads as well as create new pieces.


Setting Stones requires skill and precision.

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