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"Very knowledgeable, friendly people and the work is outstanding!" 

I will never take my jewelry anywhere else

"I recently lost my wedding band and engagement ring...and upon finding them, they had been run over by a car. Luckily the diamonds were still in tact, but otherwise the rings were a bent, scratched, and twisted mess. Needless to say, I was an emotional wreck when I went in the store. Jill assured me she could fix the rings...and she did! They were soldered together on the bottom, and she went so far as to take them apart and fix the band while I waited, so I wouldn't be totally without a ring during the time it took to repair the other one. When I went back to pick up the repaired engagement ring and have them soldered back together, they looked better than they did before the car ran over them! I sing praises to Jill, who is a master craftsman, as well as a sweet and caring lady. I will never take my jewelry anywhere else. Thank you Jill for everything!" 

I couldn't be happier!!!

"Jill was able to take two very special rings and combine them to make a gorgeous ring! She had great vision about what could be done and I couldn't be happier!!!" 

A hidden gem that only a few Richmonders know

"A hidden gem that only a few Richmonders know about or advertise. Here is where the best jewelry is made for the best shops and for individuals with discerning taste and expectations of high quality and excellent craftsmanship. The unique and original designs here are unmatched and the care and professionalism in interactions with customers is superb." 

An amazing restoration

"This is a wonderful business with an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable staff. They performed an amazing restoration of an almost 100 year old Art Deco ring and resized it in the process. After getting it back from them, it looked brand new. I will be doing business with these wonderful people in the future." 

We'll never go to another jeweler again!!

"We'll never go to another jeweler again!! Exceeded my expectations, so professional, trustworthy, reasonably priced. Highly recommend Jeweler's Services." 

The finished product is beyond beautiful

"I recently had a diamond reset from another jeweler in Richmond. Being unhappy with the completed job, I dropped into Jeweler's Services and spoke to Jill about possible changes that could be made to the ring which was a 30th wedding anniversary gift. Jill worked with me patiently redesigning the ring, ordering diamonds of different shapes and grades several times to enhance the center stone. To say she did an outstanding job would be an understatement. The finished product is beyond beautiful and something I'll treasure and wear forever. Thank you Jill." 

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